First meeting of 2022! WEDNESDAY MARCH 2 ft. Erasmo Pinero

Welcome back to the 2022 dinner meeting season! Our goal this year is to host 3-4 hybrid dinner meetings throughout the year to engage with our membership. All dinner meetings will be available to join via a webinar platform as well as in person.

We are also introducing student presentations! Every meeting we will invite a student from the Southwest Region to give us a brief presentation on the research they are doing in the world of VTOL.

And with all that, we are excited to announce our first dinner meeting of the year! Please mark your calendars for WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2. We will be hearing a talk by Erasmo Pinero on the X-22. Erasmo’s presentation will cover the overall design of the Bell Aerosystems X-22A tilt-duct V/STOL research aircraft, its importance to V/STOL research, lessons learned, and contributions to the science of V/STOL flight. The presentation will include the road leading up to the X-22A from concept to contractual hurdles, to flying test bed; and how the program overcame unforeseen technical challenges to become one of the most successful X-planes in the history of V/STOL flight research. The pioneering contributions of the X-22A to more recent powered lift aircraft and vehicles of the future will be explored.

We would love to see you in person, but welcome all our virtual attendees as well! See the attached flyer for more information


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